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The following thumbnails lead to stills taken directly from the video. Just click on the thumbnail to see the full picture. The stills have been slightly compressed for faster loading, with possible minor loss of definition in some cases.
There IS a train (or tram) in every picture!


Crich Derbyshire

Queensland Lineside 5 - The Main Range

La Trochita

Trams Without Wires

The Great Orme Tramway

Never A Toy

Indian Railways - 4 Short Films

Adelaide Tram Revival

Brazilian Gem


Queensland Lineside 4 - The Monto Loop

Queensland Lineside 3 - Brisbane to Bundaberg

Sydney Trams Today

Eccentric Electrics

Rio Trams

Ritz Rail on Tour

Darjeeling Delights (DVD only). See VHS version below for more

Pichi Richi & The North Australian Railway Dream (DVD only)

Swiss Rack Steam (DVD only)
For images of the Brienz Rothorn Bahn (also included) see below.

Melbourne's Tramways (DVD only)

Darjeeling Delights (VHS version)

The Ooty Rack

Calcutta's Trams (now on DVD)

Last Wisps of Indian Steam

Pakistan Steam

Achensee Antics (also on DVD in Austria Triple)

Two Valleys in Austria (also on DVD in Austria Triple)

Atencion al Tren (also on DVD in Atencion Plus)

Atencion Plus DVD
The following images show Barcelona's Tramvia Blau and Tibidabo funicular.
Atencion al Tren (Mallorca's FC Sóller), also included, can be seen above.

Veterans of the Vivarais (also on DVD in French Steam Survivors)

The following images show the Pithiviers Transport Museum and the Doller line. The FC du Vivarais, also included, can be seen above.

Pichi Richi and the Northern Australia Railway Dream

Chemin de Fer de La Mure

Preserved Steam in Queensland And on DVD (see below)

The above scenes appear only in PXQ: Preserved Steam in Queensland (DVD)

The Brienz Rothorn Bahn (DVD & VHS)

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